Audze Sine Overview: Hottest Lightning Cans on the Market

Audeze launched its new Sine headphones with a Lightning cable as one of the core features. Audeze’s COO has given the assurance that Audeze did not know anything about Apple’s rumored plans, before the launch of these headphones.

Unique Technology from a Unique Company

That is why technology companies are always taking into consideration the next big innovation, and a Lightning cable is just among the Audeze’s forward thinking features. Review sites like are already heralding the Sine’s as the “must have lightning cans for Apple lovers“.

Following the freeing of the Sine’s package from its cardboard shell, the black cans lie within a layer of a thick foam, sheathed in thick cuts of high-quality leather. Beneath it is a small collection of add-ons, including a flattened, dual-prong wire with gold terminations, a big felt pouch for traveling, and a quarter-inch adaptor.

All the hallmarks of innovation are there with the Sines, including:

  • Hi-res audio experience
  • Luxury build materials
  • Innovative design
  • Lightning connector for future-proof use
  • Reasonable price tag

Even though the wireless headphones is still very trendy, Audeze is keeping it as analog as possible when you are transmitting sound through the Lightning cable, which can be packed with an inline remote control that functions as a digital transmission processor, a great all-in-one amplifier and a digital to analog converter.

You can put it on in public without drawing a lot of attention, and they are remarkably small considering all the sound technology that Audeze has packed into each ear cup. They will easily slip into a bag when you are no longer using them.


Audeze is majorly known for its large headsets, so its first portable headphones came as a pleasant surprise. They are unquestionably understated but in a good way. The Sine’s build brings out premium quality, with the leather capped accents and sturdy frame.

Starting with the leather headband, it is packed on each side with plush pads to aid comfort. The earphones come in one color (which is the black color) and feature a metal framework with the traditional foam cushioning for the headband.

Stretching straight down, the adjustable arms can slide smoothly from inside the headband to support all shapes of heads. These also operate like a swivel for the earcups to allow for a custom fit in your ears.

When you touch the cups themselves, you will feel it that they are completely made up of natural leather on the exterior. From front to back, they are smooth to the touch and flexible when resting against the ears. Their shape intelligently contours to allow your ears fit comfortably right in the middle of it.

The backs of each earcup cover a port where you plug in the cord for the left and right audio channels. If you are making use of the Lighting Cables or the standard 3.5mm option, these connectors do not differ.

They are pretty big, or at least larger than most lightweight headphones. They do fold flat completely, though, which makes them simple enough to slide into a backpack and make them easy to put on around your neck.

Perfect Companion for iPhone Power Users

If you are an iPhone user, you should be listening to the Sine throughout the Cipher Lightning cable, which comes with a digital signal processor, an amplifier, and a digital to audio converter. This houses all of these components since the Lightning port bypasses the iPhone’s default audio system.

This means that the data that comes out of the iPhone to the Sine has not yet been converted and processed. The Cipher cable helps to ensure that you are getting the most out of what the already great headphones without adding any extra size.

Summary & Editor’s Opinion

For people that have an iPhone, the Audeze Sine headphone is a very good choice. They sound very good when connected through the Lighting, and they are quite comfortable enough to wear about all day.

The Audeze Sine are potentially ahead of the contour, with its Cipher Lightning cable connection, which boosts the audio over the 3.5mm alternative. It also enriches the user experience with its inline remote.

The simple, minimal design makes it look very nice, and its sturdy build feels like it will keep them safe for many years.