How To Improve Your Inventory Management

The first step in improving your inventory management is finding an inventory management software like the one at – inventory management software. This helps in the automation of your inventory taking and it also makes the computation more efficient. The use of this software brings lots of advantages but there are still some things you can do aside from getting this kind of software.

  1. Categorise Your Stock Levels

Categorising your stock level will help you determine when it needs to be restocked. You can categorise them into levels such as excess, safety, for replenishment or obsolete. Different items could have different numbers in stock when it comes to the levels because each item gets sold at a different rate. If one of your items gets easily sold or are sold in much larger quantities, then expect that its safety level is different in the number of stocks you have as compared to the one that doesn’t really get sold often.

  1. Use Formulas That Work

Some only rely on the rule of thumb to calculate for their stocks safety level and this is something that should be improved. There are standard statistical formulas that also include the history of that certain product in your shop that gives out the best results so that you could be more efficient.

  1. Recalculate Safety Levels Regularly

Once you have calculated the numbers for your levels, it is important that you don’t stop there. You should be able to recalculate them regularly because the sales are not always the same or constant. Changes could occur and you should also be able to adapt to the changes.

  1. Talk To Your Supplier About Frequency Of Delivery

Although it would be great if your supplier can send you products as soon as you request them, there may be some who do deliveries on a schedule. It is important that you determine the load and the frequency of delivery and tell this to your supplier beforehand so that both of you don’t have any problems in the future.

  1. Reduce Stocks Or Inventories

It is important that you reduce the stocks that you have because you are paying for the storage of those products. Instead of having a lot of products that are difficult to move, you should find a way to move the products and have less of them in storage. Your business is to be able to move these products to consumers and not to store them.

  1. Create A Plan To Sell Products In Excess

Products in excess can get damaged over time and you have to plan on how to make sure that these get sold. You also have to determine why you had excess products and once you have determined the reason, you should put a stop to it so that you won’t have any excess products in the future.

You don’t have to do these things alone because you have to create a team that will help you with this. If you plan to do it on your own, you can expect that it would take a lot of time for you to develop your business. Having others to help you is the only way you can improve your business on time especially if you have a very big one.

How to Connect Fax using your Google Account?

Not so long ago, we used to send faxes using the old fax machine, and sending fax was then full of hassles.  In a big workplace, for example, before you can fax something, you need to stand in line to get your turn for sending fax. When it’s your turn to fax, you got to dial the fax number of the person to whom you are going to send your fax. If you are unlucky, you would hear a busy tone. However, if you are lucky enough, you can then readily feed your documents to the fax machine feeder. However, you may again get unlucky for sometimes the papers get jammed pushing you to a point of freaking out. Those days are gone! Nowadays, sending and receiving fax is quite convenient and easy; good enough we can avail of an online fax service for a very cheap monthly fee.

Subscribing to Online Fax Service

It is easy to subscribe to an online fax service and the charge is usually cheap. Say for instance, if you want to subscribe to RingCentral fax service, you can easily access their website, and ask for a subscription and the additional fax service. However, if you already have an existing account with RingCentral, you just have to inform them that you want to avail of their online fax service. This fax service usually comes with an additional fee on top of your online service fee.

How to Connect your Account to your Gmail Account?

To connect your gmail account to your RingCentral account, you got to choose your gmail address your primary address during your application process. Here are the steps on how to link your gmail account to your RingCentral account.

  • First, you should log on to your existing RingCentral Account.
  • Then click on the Settings, and you will see the tab of My Settings.
  • Under My Settings applet, you will see the Outbound Fax Settings. You can click on this tab.
  • Now you will see the Faxes Sent Via Email. Here you can readily enter your gmail account, and immediately click on Add. Afterwards you can click on Save.

Your RingCentral account will automatically be linked to your gmail account. For more information about this, you can readily visit – fax from gmail.

Is Faxing Using Gmail Account Free?

This is the usual question people ask about free gmail fax. The truth is that it isn’t free to send and receive faxes using your Google account. However, you got the privilege of using your Google account when you connect your gmail account with your RingCentral account, making faxing easy and convenient for you. Using your Google account, faxing then becomes like sending and receiving emails. You only have to log on to your gmail account, click on the Compose Tab. Then you will see the usual new message window. Under the TO Field, you can type in the fax number of the recipient followed by the “@” sign and your service provider. Then you can write something on the message field as your cover page. Afterwards, you can click on the paperclip to attach the file or document you would like to fax. Lastly, don’t forget to click on the Send Tab to complete the process.


Are You Planning to Add an IT Infrastructure to Your Business?

When you started out your business, it most likely began with a small scale of operations. While such a business setup is not able to provide you with a huge amount of convenience or profits, the small scale of the business allowed you to do a lot of the work with your business manually. This helps keeps the cost down and in some ways help minimized the confusion with the different aspects of your business.

If your business has had a lot of success through the years then it is very much possible that the scale of your business operations has expanded to accommodate for the growth of your product or service portfolio as well as your customer base. This development with your business will most certainly have made it a lot more difficult for you to do paper work, inventory and many other things related to your business manually. Sure it can still be done, but it requires a lot more time and effort on your part that when you consider the wider range of tasks and duties that you and your employees will need to deal with in your business; doing these things manually is just very impractical.

In order to make the different aspects of your business run as smoothly as possible, it would be best for you to add an IT Infrastructure to your business. With such a system in place, it is possible for a lot of the mundane tasks of your business to be automated, which will definitely save you a lot of time and money. Also communication between the different departments or parts of your business is much more convenient and streamlined, and will result in a lot less confusion and miscommunication which will surely make the different aspects of your business run very smooth.

Central to your IT infrastructure for your business is the server that you will be using. You can consider your server as the central brain of your business where all of the computers and IT related devices that you use for your business will be connected to.

Due to the important role that the server plays in your business, it is crucial that you will be able to pick one that is fast to get the job done as quick as possible and at the same time reliable, as server down-times will most likely cripple your business until it gets back online.

Due to the functions that a server plays in a business, it is expected that these machines cost quite a lot, so it is very important to make sure that the server that you are getting is best suited for your business and that it should come from a supplier that will give you the best quality components and the best support possible. If you are in the UK and you are looking for the best server supplier then – buy HP server online is the best website to visit.

The website specializes in selling high quality servers, provide great support for IT needs and at the same time give fast and reliable delivery services, which will make building the IT infrastructure for your business a much easier task to finish.